ASE Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in China with a global perspective, dedicated to supporting the popularization, development and academic research and organization of contemporary art in China.
It features four functions: permanent art collection, the ASE·Space, the ASE Art Library, and art sponsorship.



ASE·Space provides a physical space where regular thematic exhibitions and other events and activities such as performances and public engagement activities are held by ASE Foundation, aiming to serve as a platform for contemporary artists, art and cultural practitioners, art students and art lovers to exchange, study and research.

There will be two to three high-quality art exhibitions scheduled each year at the Space, together with corresponding lectures and forums respectively.

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【ASE Art Library】

ASE Art Library handpicked 2000 books, including art books and exhibition catalogues, as well as books covering the fields of art history, art theories, techniques and skills, music, dance, architecture, interior design, fashion design, and photography.

Bearing the goal of building the top art library in China and introducing more art books to the public, ASE Art Library has established close cooperation with a handful of key art book publishers around the world, including: Taschen, Thomas & Hudson, PhaidonRizzoli, Skira, MoMA, Hatje Cantz, Prestel, YaleUniversity Press, Oxford University Press, etc.

ASE Art Library is open to the public for free by making an appointment.


【Art Sponsorship】

The ASE Art Sponsorship was initiated with the intention of effectively linking the best contemporary art practices in China with the international art world in order to achieve "synchrony".

The Art Sponsorship mainly concerns the exchange programs with renowned overseas art institutions,funding programs for Chinese curators, as well as the awards for Chinese art publications, in order to strengthen the interaction and dialogue between Chinese contemporary art and the international art world, and thus participate in the process of promoting the mutual growth of both parties.